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Wakefield and District Liberal Democrats

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These are some of our many candidates for the coming local government elections in our Wakefield District.

Throughout the entire existence of our local authority it has been entirely and totally in the hands of one party, one party only. Just the Labour Party. This needs to and must change on May 2nd., this May 2nd.

These, your Liberal Democrat candidates are standing here for you, they will work for you and our communities and the good of our Wakefield District.

Change needs to come, change is overdue and will come. We can and will bring change, not sudden and disruptive change but sensible, measured and considered change.

Thats the deal we're offering. Please read and consider our candidates offer to you, us and vote in our favour on May 2nd, Thank you for your consideration.

David Currie (David Currie)

David Currie

Candidate for Sandal & Agbrigg

I am keen for those less fortunate than ourselves to have a fairer share. I am keen for greater effort to be made reducing poverty and increasing opportunity. The UK is the world's fifth largest economy, but the benefits of this are not being felt by the poorest in society. Child poverty is rising. Future Council decisions need to be checked to make sure that they offer a fairer share for all.

Candidate for Wrenthorpe & Outwood (Esther Amis-Hughes)

Esther Amis-Hughes

Candidate for Outwood and Wrenthorpe

I am standing as councillor because I really believe in the Liberal Democrat values of tolerance, looking after each other and creating fair opportunities for everyone, no matter what background or start in life they have had. I believe that these are values that any council could benefit from, and that a liberal voice could help to make sure that Wakefield Council runs efficiently for everyone in Wakefield.

I live in Outwood, and have done for 10 years. I am raising my children here, and I want to help make sure Wakefield is the best it can be for all its children and young people. My job as a youth engagement officer for a museum has shown me how valuable arts, education and employability skills are to our young people. Improving opportunities for children and young people in Wakefield would be one of my main priorities as a councillor.

I think it is important that councillors live in their ward in order to represent the needs of the people who elect them. I am actively involved in the Outwood community, and am Chair of the governing board at the primary school that my children attend.

A vote for me would be a vote for someone who cares about Outwood and Wrenthorpe and wants to help make Wakefield the best it can be, now and in the future.

Adam Belcher, Candidate for Walton & CroftonAdam Belcher

Candidate for Crofton, Ryhill and Walton

Adam Belcher is a local resident who is campaigning to improve transport links in the Crofton, Ryhill and Walton area. He is also keen to defend local services from cuts, and to promote apprenticeships as a path for young people.

Adam has lived in Crofton all his life, having attended Crofton Academy and Barnsley College. He currently studies Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. He is also an author.

"I worry that our community is being left behind. Big cities such as Leeds are receiving lots of funding and are growing rapidly. Young people in our area are missing out on these opportunities because we're not connected."

The local transport situation:

"As a student at Barnsley College, the bus from Crofton ran once an hour or less, and it was often badly delayed. It was a complete nightmare. At university in Birmingham, I have seen how much better transport is in other parts of the country. Trains and buses in the West Midlands run more regularly and on-time. This is clear proof that our area has been left behind. Meanwhile, cities like Leeds and Sheffield are due to be connected by HS2, whilst our area only sees the negatives of HS2 - this isn't fair.

The Wakefield-Doncaster railway line runs through our area. Local trains stop at Sandal and at Fitzwilliam, but Crofton is ignored. Our train station has been closed since the 1950s. Perhaps it is time to ask - should we re-open a station at Crofton? We would love to hear what you think."

Nicholas Gray , Candidate for Ackworth, North Elmsall & Upton

Malcolm Pollack, Candidate for Altofts & Whitwood

Mark Goodair, Candidate for Horbury & South Ossett

Thomas Gordon, Candidate for Knottingley

Tony Sargeant, Candidate for Ossett

Salli Martlew, Candidate for Pontefract South

Mary Macqueen, Candidate for Stanley & Ouwood East

Mary Joan Mc.QueenStanley and Outwood East

Wakefield & District Liberal Democrats

Joan Mary Macqueen Your Candidate

My personal statement in this very important election this year is: to provide for this ward: with a strong inclusive voice at local government level supporting the really important changes which are taking place locally

I come from a background of standing for Parliament 3 times: 1997, in North Wales, 2015 for Hemsworth and 2017 for Hemsworth I have worked in the Civil Service, and then for Wakefield Council When I retired I could then stand for the Local council elections

Brief Information about myself as a Local Council Candidate

I am Joan Mary Macqueen

I come for a Liberal then Liberal democrat background

I live in Wrenthorpe

This is the Second time I have been able to stand for election to my local council as when I moved to Wakefield in 2005 I worked for the council and so could not stand

Natasha de Vere, Candidate for Wakefield North

Catherine Budgen, Candidate for Wakefield Rural

David Currie, Candidate for Wakefield South

John Clayton, Candidate for Wakefield West

I've lived in adjacent Horbury for a great many years. While I'm perfectly aware of our common problems I am particularly troubled by the high cost and scarcity of affordable housing throughout the WMDC area.

The most scarce and precious resource we have is often wasted - that of land, when it should be conserved, thereby reducing construction and living costs. Councils should be able to rent free from Right To Buy wasteful constraint.

Mental health services seem dreadfully under resourced and funded - particulary for children and adolescent patients. I believe we have no such beds in our WMDC area. This means parents of such patients need to travel many miles to visit - miserable, expensive and unhelpful for recovery.

While I live in the immediately abutting ward I promise to acquaint myself with Lupset Park, Lupset, Thornes and the other comprising areas by walking and / or cycling every street!

Be assured, by polling day on May 2nd. I'll know every Street and Road that you live in and be able to speak and act on your behalf!

Mike Keeton, Candidate

Mike Keeton, Candidate for South Elmsall & South Kirkby

To the people of South Elmsall and South Kirkby

My name is Mike Keeton, I'm your Lib Dem Candidate for the WMDC elections on 2nd. May.

You don't know me, I'm not from S.Elmsall or Kirkby but am from similar places in North Derbyshire.

That is villages which have suffered from the closure of the pits,in my case Markham, Bolsover and Arkwright as in your case Frickley and South Kirkby.

I was born into the coal industry but it must be admitted have not worked in it since the early 1960s! But I have always had a nostalgia for it - in fact I more or less keep my hand in as a volunteer at the Coal Mining Museum !

I'm 77 so have seen a lot of changes in the politics of this country since I started taking an interest from the late 1950s., and am not best pleased about what's going on at the moment -all the aggressive behaviour and downright bad manners both inside and outside Parliament.

THIS IS WHY I BECAME A LIB DEM --IT STRIKES ME AS A PARTY WHICH STANDS FOR TOLERANCE AND FAIR PLAY FOR ALL. I know that the backbone of the politics of Elmsall and Kirkby is Labour - I was brought up with it -Dennis Skinner used to be our MP (well he still is for that matter)! COULD IT BE IT'S TIME FOR A FRESH LOOK - WHAT DO YOU THINK ?


Mike Keeton, Your Liberal Democrat Candidate