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I'm Not Alone?

February 27, 2019 9:07 AM
By John Clayton

As a normal process runs it's course the available options will narrow as the end date approaches and problems are resolved, one at a time. In turn, logically, resolution assured.

The Brexit Mess is not normal. As this miserable business "develops" it becomes ever more messy and difficult to fully understand. Our political options are enlarging - not narrowing! Perhaps it's my poor intellect that's preventing proper analysis of each days political events?

At a future date huge volumes will be published on this truly outstanding example of incredibly disgraceful mismanagement. There should a big public enquiry if we have any money left after this huge expenditure presently estimated at £800 million per week. Historians will not judge these days or many players well. Commercial enterprises, large, small or one man bands couldn't be run this way and survive these three years of infighting, awful judgement, wasted time and misspent cash.

Each announcement should simplify what our future will be. Instead each and every Cabinet meeting and Parliamentary vote on this topic brings more complexity, opening up more possibilities that are very hard indeed to predict. For example this very day there will be several possible events arising from the Cooper Boles ** amendment vote in Parliament. Yet further possibilities will in turn arise to disrupt them - that is the only certainty we have!

My only certainty is that tonight I'll try to understand the implications of the above amendment. Our newsreaders will not easily comprehend them without a team of commentators and later on BBC's Newsnight political wonks will argue the consequencies - without conclusion into the night.

Politics don't have to be so complex but sadly this is what we have. The root problem is not my intellectual deficiency, it's the present political stupidity. Lately I've remarked on the thin choice the Poor Old Voter has between the two large but inadequate parties that seem incapable of reform. The nation desperately needs our Liberal Democrat sensible, third and infinitely better way.

** This should read Cooper Letwin amendment. This is a perfectly understandable mistake given the large number of possible amendments. It looks as this will also perhaps/ might be postponed today to an perhaps uncertain future date. So that's resolved then? And furthers my argument.