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I'm Ashamed of my Country

February 18, 2019 8:04 PM
By Hilary Andrews - of West London in First published by the Peoples Vote for South West Yorkshire

This writer and her husband knows a very great deal about the issues discussed below;-

I was ashamed of the referendum, ashamed of the lies told to underpriviledged people who were given to understand that if the UK left the EU they would be richer and the NHS would be supported.

I was ashamed of those people who voted leave because they didn't like foreigners. They thought the British - a very mixed race indeed to be superior.

"Britain First" was the cry of the murderer of the lovely young MP, similar to Trump's appalling "America First".

I was ashamed of the MP's who voted to "respect" the result of the referendum. They knew they were plunging their country into misery, putting jobs at risk and encouraging the xenophobia of the far right.

I was ashamed of a government that has not pursued the illegalities of the "leave" vote but has embraced it.

I am ashamed of the Prime Minister who uses the happiness and welfare of her fellow human beings as bargaining chips who, at the very beginning could have reassured the EU nationals here that they were welcome to remain, and who now uses the threat of "no deal" to frighten and bully MP's into voting for her deal.

I am ashamed of those who disparage our European friends who have suffered enormousely though our selfish actions.

I am ashamed by the refusal to say that "no deal" is not an option. This has caused misery to thousands of people and has cost this country and the countries of Europe, millions.

I am ashamed of a government that has bribed the DUP and is now bribing Labour MP's in areas of unemployment with the promise of investment.

We are living in dangerous times with Trump and Putin and the rise of right-wing groups all over the world. This should be the time to stregthen the European Union, not to weaken it.

I always thought that we had a generous and tolerant community.

I am ashamed.

But I have hope. We do have some brave, sensible, compassionate Members of Parliament and of the public who have spoken out against this terrible "Brexit".

I pray that they will persevere in their courage and that the government and the people will begin to listen to them and stop this appalling cruelty and dangerous stupidity.

Hilary Andrews - please share.