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Brexit Mess

February 9, 2019 10:19 AM
By Dr. Peter Williams in First published in Wakefield Express 22nd. February 2019

The vast majority (over 90% of economists) say that staying in the EU is best for Britain.

The CBI and vast majority of businesses say staying in the EU is best for Britain.

The vast majority of Trade Unions say staying in the EU is best.......

The Government's own research says that staying in... (you get the message!)

The independent Bank of England says that the UK is already in financial decline due to the

uncertainty of Brexit and a future outside the EU will hit our GDP negatively and staying in


Even the majority of the MP's think that staying in is best but they are too scared to vote for this or

too wedded to party dogma and so we continue to drift towards Mrs. Mays Deal (amended or not)

or even worse to no deal Brexit. What a farce.

The referendum was lost 52% to 48%. We always knew that the Leave Campaign lied. Where is the

£250m. extra or the easy trade deals that we could negotiate? So far Liam Fax has secured none

and we are quickly approaching a cliff edge. The Leave campaign has been fined for breaking

electoral rules and their main financial backer - Aaron Banks is under criminal investigation with

serious worries about the money (Russia?)

We shouold be proud! The LibDems have steadfastly supported our EU membership. It is best for

Britain. So when you speak to friends, neighbours and voters remind them of all the good we get

from the EU. Economic growth, a say in setting the rules, security, freedom to travel and work,

mobile network charges!..... the list goes on. Ask them to compare each point of Mrs. May's Deal

against staying in the EU and when we get a Peoples Vote, vote for a strong and positive future

- IN the EU.